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Tier 1 sex offenders must register and check in 1 time a year and pay an annual fee of $60 for registrations on the anniversary date of registry for a period of 15 years.


Tier 2 sex offenders must register and check every 6 months and pay an annual fee of $60 for registrations on the yearly anniversary date of registry and also register to a period of 25 years.  


Tier 3 sex offenders must register and check in every 3 months and pay an annual fee of $60 for the registration on the yearly anniversary date of registry and also register for a period of lifetime.


Tier 1 sex offenses are

Stalking of a victim under the age of 18, sexual battery, intentional exposure to AIDS, Interference with child custody of a victim under the age of 18, false imprisonment, incest, felony carnal knowledge, indecent behavior with a juvenile, prohibited sexual conduct between educator and student, crime against nature, sexual abuse of an animal, contributing to delinquency of a juvenile, obscenity through solicitation of a minor, video voyeurism, voyeurism and minor under 16 years of age.


Tier 2 sex offenses are

Sexual battery of a minor 18 years of age, oral sexual battery, aggravated incest, pornography involving juveniles, molestation of a juvenile or a person with a physical or mental disability, computer aided solicitation of a minor, prostitution, soliciting for prostitutes when the person being solicited for prostitution are under 18 years of age, inciting prostitution with victim under 18, pandering when victim is under 18 years old and aggravated crime against nature.


Tier 3 sex offenses are

1st degree rape, aggravated rape, 2nd degree rape, forcible rape, 3rd degree rape, simple rape, sexual battery of child under 13, 2nd degree sexual battery, aggravated kidnapping of a minor, simple kidnapping of a minor under 18, human trafficking, trafficking of children for sexual purposes, aggravated incest, molestation of a juvenile or person with physical or mental disability and sexual battery of the infirmed.


Requirements for ALL sex offenders are to pay annual fees and to pay for community notifications every 5 years including mail outs and newspaper filers. Mail outs depend where they live have variable prices. Living inside the city limits of say Vidalia or Ferriday has to cover 3 tenths of a square mile versus outside the city limits has to cover 1 square mile of the physical address of the sex offender. The price may be different for each sex offender.


New pictures are taken of each sex offender if there is noticeable change to hair or facial features or any other normal or abnormal change to the appearance of each person. Every time a sex offender moves to a new address the Sex Offender Registrar must be notified before the move and advised of the new address so a geographical check can be made to each new address to check for distance from a school or day care facility.

Some sex offenders are allowed to have social media accounts but depends of the crime of their convictions if it allowed.


Sex offenders with the convictions defined under R.S. 15:541 (ALL SEX CRIMES) in which the victim of the sex crime was a minor is NOT allowed to have any type of social media account on ANY platform at any time.


Some sex offenders with the convictions pertaining to an adult (except video voyeurism) may have social media as long as the Sex Offender Registrar has the log in info (email address, user name, passwords and IP addresses to all internet access) for ALL accounts. 


Sex offenders must notify the Registrar of phone number changes, vehicle registrations, job changes, temporary housing, vacations, out of town trips.


Read R.S. 14:91.2 unlawful presence of a sex offender to understand where sex offender can and cannot be.



For further clarification of sex offender requirements please check out the following R.S. codes.

15:542 Registrations of sex offenders

15:542.1 Notifications of sex offenders

15:542.1.1 In person renewals of registrations for sex offenders

15:542.1.2 Duty of offenders to notify of address changes of changes of other registrations.

15:542.1.4 Failure to register or notify of changes

15:543.2 Sex offender emergency situations

15:544 Duration of registration periods

15:551 Harboring or concealing a sex offender or violent sexual predator

15:553 Prohibition of employment for certain sex offender

14:91.1 Unlawful presence of a sexual violent predator

14:91.2 Unlawful presence of a sex offender

14:91.5 Unlawful use of social media website

14:91.9 Unlawful presence or contact of a sex offender relative to a former victim

14:313 Wearing of a hood or mask by a sex offender in public places


Sex Offender Registration Information:

Sex Offenders are required to register with the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office please contact

Lt. Harvey Bryant Sex Offender Registrar to make an appointment.

email -

24/7 Work Cell- 318-421-4868

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