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1/15/2016 - 12:30pm

The National Weather Service has revised the forecast once again. This time it wasn't the height; it was the time. The forecast is now a crest of 56.5 feet on January 16 at the Natchez gauge of the Mississippi River.

1/14/2016 - 8:25 pm

The Mississippi River at the Natchez gauge measures 56.09. The forecast says it will rise slowly through Sunday morning when it will crest at 56.5.

1/13/2015 - 8:20pm

Since the original forecast of 60 feet, the National Weather Service has incrementally reduced their prediction to 56.5 feet on January 17th for the Mississippi River at Natchez. While the change was very welcome news we have to consider that this is still a lot of water.  The river is already at Moderate Flood Stage and will near Major Flood Stage.  (These flood stages affect the river side of the levee.) There will continue to be sand boils to watch for.  If you see one please call the Sheriff's Office at 318-336-5231.  Chances are that the people patrolling the levee will see them first, but we all should do our part to keep a look-out.  Also, we still have to stay off the levees. Excessive driving on a levee when the water is high will potentially weaken it.   Wildlife is still crossing the roads so we have to be on watch when driving.

We still have a little way to go but the Corps of Engineers is very confident in the levees.

Flood Stages:
Action 38 ft
Flood 48 ft
Moderate 51 ft
Major 57 ft
Highest On Record 61.95 ft



1/13/2015 - 12:50pm

The National Weather Service has reduced the forecast crest of the Mississippi River at Natchez to 56.5 feet on January 17. This is 1/2 foot less than the previous forecast.


1/12/2015 - 10:15pm

The Mississippi River at the Natchez gauge is 55.33 feet. The river is still expected to rise to 57 feet and crest there on January 17.


1/11/2015 - 10:35pm

The river is up to 54.9 and the forecast is still for 57 feet on Jan 17.

No driving is allowed on the levee except on paved roads. In addition, Hwy 3196 is closed. Only residents who need Hwy 3196 to travel to and from home will be allowed on that road.

Please continue to keep watch for deer and other animals crossing the roads.


1/10/2015 - 12:15pm

Good News again. The National Weather Service has lowered the crest forecast for the Mississippi River at Natchez. They now predict a crest of 57 feet on January 17th. That is down 3 feet from the original forecast and down 1 foot from yesterday's forecast.


1/9/2015 - 11:00pm

The Mississippi River at the Natchez gauge is 53.6 feet. The forecast is still for 58 feet on January 17th.

For a comparison to previous high water, in 2008 the river crested at 57 feet but crested at nearly 62 feet in 2011.

The levees are still in great shape and we don't expect any problems.

No driving is allowed on the levees, except paved roads. Hwy 3196 on the levee remains closed due to safety concerns.

Be aware of deer and other wildlife taking refuge on the dry side of the levee.

1/8/2015 - 8:00pm

There are no problems with the levees. Hwy 3196 is closed due to a large number of deer and an excessive amount of traffic. The combination has become a hazard.
On that note, please be aware that there could be wildlife crossing the road especially near levees. When the water comes up they have to get out. Please be careful of deer or any other wildlife crossing highways.

1/8/2015 - 6:45pm

ALL of Hwy 3196 is CLOSED until further notice per Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security and La. Dept. of Transportation. Barricades will be set up at Hwy 3196 and Hwy 84, Hwy 3196 and Hwy 569, and Hwy 3196 and Fisherman Point. All parts of the road are closed. Only people who live in that area will be allowed through


1/8/2015 – 4:30pm

If you see a sand boil please contact the sheriff’s office at 318-336-5231. 

Seep water near the levee is common.  When the river is high, water will seep under the levee.  This isn’t a problem as long as the water looks clear.   But if the water looks muddy or you see sand boiling up out of the ground it means the water is taking dirt from the levee with it.  This is known as a sand boil.  The US Army Corps of Engineers and the Levee Board have people walking and driving the levees to watch for these sand boils.  They have also asked citizens to report any they see. So if you see one please call the Sheriff’s Office and we will notify the Corps.  If the Corps determines that it is a sand boil they have measures to fix it.  They will place sand bags or Hesco baskets around it and use a relief well to reduce the pressure and stop the boil.  If the sand boils are not repaired it could have the potential to undermine the levee and cause flooding.  According to the Corps of Engineers, sand boils can occur up to 500 yards (sometimes even more) from the levee so keep an eye out for them.

As long as the seep water is clear it is fine, other than making a mess of the yard, but if it looks muddy please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 318-336-5231.

The Mississippi River at Natchez is currently at 52.7 feet.  The forecast is for a crest of 58 feet on January 17th.

Please stay off the levees.  Only drive on the levee if it is on a paved road.




1/7/2016 - 1:50pm

No driving on the levee is allowed (unless on paved roads) from now until further notice.


1/7/2016 - 11:00am

More Good News: The crest forecast for the Mississippi River at Natchez has been reduced to 58 feet on January 17.  The river is currently at 51.9 feet.


1/6/2016 - 10:30pm

The Mississippi River at Natchez is at 51.5 feet. The forecast for 59 feet on January 17 still stands. We do not expect any problems with the levees.


1/5/16 - 10:00pm

The Mississippi River at Natchez/Vidalia is at 50.7 feet and is still expected to crest at 59 feet on the morning of January 17.  We are asking everyone to stay off the levees unless you need to be on them to access your home.  It is important that people stay off the unpaved roads on levees whenever possible. 


1/4/16 - 12:00pm

Good News. The January 17 crest is now forecast to be 59 feet. That is 1 foot lower than originally expected.

1/3/16 - 7:00pm

The Mississippi River is at 48.8 and rising.  There are no changes in the forcast.


Deer Season Update 1/2/16

According to the La. Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries, deer hunting season will be closed from January 3rd 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise January 9th. This closure is for the area east of Hwy 65 from the Arkansas border to Vidalia. This is subject to change if more flood control measures need to be taken. Land between the levee and the Mississippi River will be closed to hunting until further notice.


1/2/16 - 11:45pm

The Mississippi River at Natchez has reached flood stage at 48 feet and continues to rise.  The crest of 60 on January 17 is still expected.  As the water rises the Corps of Engineers will be walking and driving along the levee to watch for sand boils.  If they find any, they will use relief wells and sand bags or Hesco baskets to remedy the problem.


1/2/16 - 12:00am

The Black River at Acme is currently at 38.9 feet.  The flood stage is 48.  The National Weather Service predicts the Black River will rise to 51.5 feet and crest on January 20th.

The Mississippi River at Natchez was at 47.25 feet at 12:00am January 2.  The forecast of a 60 foot crest on January 17 is still in effect.


1/1/16 - 8:00pm

The Mississippi River at Natchez/Vidalia is expected to crest one day sooner than originally forecast but at the same level of 60 feet. This is expected to occur on the morning of January 17.

As of 7:00pm tonight the river was at 47.05 feet. It is expected to reach flood stage of 48 feet early Sunday morning according to NOAA.

The levees are in good shape and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have great confidence that the levees will hold with the predicted flood.


12/31/15 12:05pm

While still below flood stage, the Mississippi River at Natchez/Vidalia is forecast to reach flood stage of 48 feet on Sunday, January 3rd. The river reaches flood stage several times in a typical year. Flood stage indicates that the river banks are full but has not reached the levee. The National Weather Service is still predicting the river to rise to 60 feet by January 18th. The river is currently at 45.8 feet.




As most people know by now, The National Weather Service is predicting the Mississippi River to rise to 60 feet at the Natchez river gauge on the morning of January 18th.  This news has certainly brought memories of the flood of 2011 with it, but we are better prepared this time.  Experience and intelligence from 2011 gives us insight into preparations for this time of high water. 

In 2011, the river reached nearly 62 feet.  The current forecast is for 2 feet lower.  The levees held in 2011 and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is very confident they will hold again.  However, we must be prepared for any possibility.  Therefore, over the next week or more, the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office will be moving equipment, placing barriers, and setting up temporary command posts.  These are only precautionary measures and should in no way cause unease of our citizens.

There are no evacuations recommended at this time for Concordia Parish.

The problems in the St. Louis area, while very tragic, will have no effect on Concordia Parish according to Bucky Wall of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  There, the convergence of already flooded major rivers along with very narrow banks are causing the massive flooding.  The Mississippi River in St. Louis is just not wide enough to handle the load of water that needs to pass through at this time.  Here in Concordia Parish the river is much wider. 

There have been many concerns among citizens about the slides on the levee in Lake Providence.  The Corps of Engineers says that those slides are minor and have no effect on the safety of the levee but they are repairing them.  Mr. Wall also says the wet condition of the levees from so much rain makes no difference in the safety.

The Corps also will be placing a few Hesco baskets on the levee in the southern part of the parish.  They don’t expect water to top the levee at all but are placing the baskets in lower areas of the levee as a precaution.

Chief Deputy David Hedrick of the Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office advised that, while we are always concerned about the river and the potential for flooding, we do believe that the levees will hold as they are higher, wider and have more relief wells than they did in 2011.  Chief Hedrick is in constant contact with the Corps of Engineers and will alert the parish of any potential problems.  “We are here to protect and keep watch over the citizens.  We take great pride in doing this.”

We do not have any information regarding the other rivers in the parish yet but we will be working on that as well.

We are asking everyone to stay off the levees whenever possible. 








Notice is hereby given pursuant to Article 7, Section 23(C) of the  Louisiana Constitution and R.S. 47:1705(B) that a public hearing of the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office will be held at its the regular meeting place in Room 7 of the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office, located at 4001 Carter Street, Vidalia, LA on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. to consider levying additional or increased millage rates without further voter approval or adopting the adjusted millage rates after reassessment and rolling forward to rates not to exceed the prior year’s maximum.  The estimated amount of tax revenues to be collected in the next year from the increased millage is $2,699,649.41, and the amount of increase in taxes attributable to the millage increase is $3,926.60.




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