Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office
(318) 336-5231
4001 Carter Street, Room 7
Vidalia, LA  71373


Concordia Sheriff Urges Support For Tax Renewal

Concordia Parish Sheriff Kenneth Hedrick is asking the voters of Concordia Parish to support the tax renewal proposition which is on the December 10 ballot. Sheriff Hedrick states “I want to emphasize that this levy of 12 mills is a renewal of our existing tax for operations, this is not a new tax.”

The millage is critical to the operation of the Sheriff’s office and generates approximately $1,600,000.00 to support general operations of the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Hedrick added “This millage has been in place for over twenty years and is the primary source of income for our office outside of prison operations. This millage covers the majority of expenses for our tax and civil operations. I encourage everyone who supports law enforcement to vote yes to support the tax for the Law Enforcement District.”








Once you locate your tax due in the Tax Notice Search, click on the green $ sign to initiate your payment. After that, the name and address you enter should be the name and address for your debit or credit card. The system will reject your payment if the address you enter does not agree with the card you are using for payment.



Notice is hereby given pursuant to Article 7, Section 23(C) of the  Louisiana Constitution and R.S. 47:1705(B) that a public hearing of the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office will be held at its the regular meeting place in Room 7 of the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office, located at 4001 Carter Street, Vidalia, LA on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. to consider levying additional or increased millage rates without further voter approval or adopting the adjusted millage rates after reassessment and rolling forward to rates not to exceed the prior year’s maximum.  The estimated amount of tax revenues to be collected in the next year from the increased millage is $2,699,649.41, and the amount of increase in taxes attributable to the millage increase is $3,926.60.




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